Tina Storton
Tina Storton
July 18, 2023.
I’ve just started at this office and have had nothing but positive experiences. Dr Ramirez was friendly and thorough and April made me feel very comfortable during my cleaning today. Nice calming atmosphere and very friendly staff.
Gabrielle Parker
Gabrielle Parker
May 18, 2023.
I absolutely love Dr. Ramirez's office (and that means a lot coming from someone who has always been terrified of the dentist). All of the people who work there are amazing-- kind and gentle, yet effective and accurate. I have been a patient there for four years and plan on staying a patient for as long as I have dental needs.
April 20, 2023.
Great staff
Irene Sigmund
Irene Sigmund
March 15, 2023.
Extremely warm and friendly staff. Very professional and knowledgeable. My dental hygienist spent so much quality time with me; going over every detail that concerns my oral health. They truly care about their patients. I highly recommend E. Carrie Ramirez to anyone.
Erin Nelson
Erin Nelson
February 10, 2023.
My exams are always thorough and I never have to wait long before being called back.
Wallace Mccray
Wallace Mccray
October 15, 2022.
For the last 2.5 decades I and my wife have have been pleased with this Dental firm. Both with Doc. Ramirez, the new Doc Johnson, their professional staff (Jamie), their dental hyg. Brittany RGH and Stella RGH. They all continue to a good job . Thanks.
Rosalind Crew
Rosalind Crew
August 4, 2022.
Fantastic dental appointment! !!?What?!! Yes!! Just had my Amazing First appointment with Dr. Ramirez, DDS. Reception was perfectly lovely, rather than dismissive, and the waiting area spotless and homey rather than institutional. I appreciate what that says about the practice and how they view their patients. Next Dental Technician Lori took me in and kindly, gently, efficiently took the X-rays. Such a wonderful woman! I actually enjoyed being x-rayed. Then Dr Ramirez came in to examine me with intricate thoroughness: gentle, kind and respectful throughout. Dr Ramirez knows her science better than any other dentist I’ve met or heard of - how each detail of mouth, throat, teeth, gums and bone relates to all the others - and you know that as soon as the examination begins. She took her time; asked questions; let me ask questions; Then discussed her findings and potential game plans with me in detail. We discussed. I have so much respect for Dr Ramirez! As I feared, the truth about my mouth was Horrible.m, and I didn’t leave the office with any false hopes. The thing is that I left my appointment calmly, knowing everything I needed to know about my mouth, the options of treatment to decide from, and definitely who I want doing the work. Oh how I wish I had found her sooner! A friend referred me and I’m happy to refer you. Tell them Aelet sent you - You’ll be so glad that you did(:
Erica Castello
Erica Castello
June 30, 2022.
Wow this was truly a life-changing and heart warming experience to be received with such genuine care and professionalism! Dr. Ramirez and Jessica were kind, understanding, and extremely competent communicators! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a new dentist, especially for people who have experienced any kind of trauma with previous doctors or offices.

Thank you for your excellent care. This is what medicine should be. It has been a long time since I have had regular dental care. Dr. Ramirez and her staff have been welcoming, kind and very thorough.

Lisa DeFirmian

Definitely the best in dental care. No waiting when you arrive. Fabulous staff and super organized. It’s amazing how you can get a tooth capped in one visit from start to finish. A huge emphasis on preventative tooth care and doing everything right and they set the example for that in their own practice.

Clifton Swanson

I have been using your services for about 5 years now. The staff is always very friendly, the dental work is top notch, and you seem to be using the latest equipment. Nobody enjoys “going to the Dentist” however you make it a much less stressful experience. Keep up the good work.

Carroll Baker

Dr. Ramirez takes good care with you as a patient and very calmly describes the procedures she is doing. This puts you at ease and allows you to fully relax. And she does it in a very soft, soothing voice so you feel very well taken care of.

Dan Yelda

Dear Dr. Ramirez, I would like to thank you and your staff for such a wonderful dental experience during my visit to your office last month. In my experience, your exam was the most thorough and professional one in my adult life. Your referral to Dr. Fernandes is also greatly appreciated and I will be moving forward with Invisalign very soon. Your diagnosis of the issues with my enamel is the first time a dentist has ever pointed that out to me and I am deeply appreciative of your care and concern. Counselor of Embassy for Management Affairs Embassy of the United States of America.


Thank you, Dr. Dassenko and staff, for your prompt attention to our son’s broken front tooth this morning. I appreciate your urgency and understanding. It is hard to have things like this happen from afar. A family friend assured me that we would be well cared for and she was 100% correct. We knew that our son’s tooth might break, but were hoping against hope that it wouldn’t until after college graduation! He’s lived with the stains on his teeth from fluoride treatments when he had braces for a couple years… I am happy that we will have a plan in place soon to take care of that. I think it is a source of embarrassment for him, yet he is a trooper – always concerned about the cost of things, and never would admit to that. I will post my experience on the Cal Poly parent resource page as I know there are many out of town families that would love to have a dental resource that provides such excellent care, and so close to campus! Again, thank you.

Kimberly & Paul

This is the best dentist office I have ever been to. They really care about people. I was at a loss with my previous dentist because they could never find the problem, but with Dr Ramirez probing questions she go to the bottom of my problem and fixed it.. Awesome to say the least. I will recommend this place to everyone..

Brent Blassingame

The office of Dr. Dassenko and Dr. Ramirez has helped me have much more confidence. All of the treatments and advice I have received have helped me feel better, look better and have a greater sense of well being. The support staff are really terrific. I highly recommend this office.

Dr. Angela West

The absolute best! State of the art equipment and stellar professional staff that stand behind their work and truly care about their patients health and experience. Thank you for creating such a positive, caring environment for your patients.

Mike Anderson

I have been a patient for 15 years, and I am always happy with the care I receive. This starts with the courtesy and consideration of the people at the front desk through all other kinds of care. Several hygienists have cleaned my teeth. All have been considerate, careful, and thorough. I have had various treatments from both Carrie Ramirez, Pam Dassenko and several chair-side assistants. In every case I was very satisfied with the outcome. I also want to compliment the whole practice for a comfortable, clean, and entertaining office space. Halloween 2016, “The Fish Bowl” rated as an example of a fine art “installation.” But, better yet, it made me laugh! And, I know there always will be a magazine I want to read if I arrive early or have to wait. The professional quality of the dental care may be the most important, but the care and consideration of everyone makes a visit a pleasure.

Barbara Renshaw

Whenever I go to the dentist I still have to brush away my childhood anxieties that still linger today. Of course my dentist at that time in the Midwest went to the Doc Holiday School of Dentistry so no longer do I get a shot of whiskey to numb the effect. Instead I am met with a courteous staff and expert quality care. I am impressed with the ability of the staff to stay current as well as leading edge of technology. And although I still cringe at the sound of the drill heading towards the O.K. Coral, I know I am in good hands and the experience will meet and exceed all of my expectations. Good going Pam and Carrie and all of the hygienists.

Gary Moore

Best dental care in the county! The care I’ve received is top-notch, compared to past experiences with other dental offices elsewhere in California. The staff, from front desk to hygienists to Dr. Ramirez and Dr. Dassenko, are kind and caring. I’m one of those “low pain tolerance” patients, and I must say everyone in the office is gentle and concerned with my comfort. The advice for at-home dental routines is always honest as well as thorough. My sincere thanks to everyone in the practice.

Sandra Rude

I have been going to Dr. Pam Dassenko’s dental practice since 2003 (on the recommendation of my wife). I had not been to a dentist for many, many years due to my aversion to dentistry since I was a kid. However, my experience with Pam, Dr. Ramirez and their staff was very enlightening. They are all extremely competent, efficient (minimal waiting at appointments) and very pleasant. I now go to them regularly (several times a year) for cleaning as well as periodontal work and fillings as needed. I have been very satisfied with their work and I no longer feel uncomfortable going to the dentist. (I never thought I would say that.)

Ron Tobin

I appreciate coming into your office, being greeted by name, my appointment is on time and my records reviewed before I get into the chair. I feel that your staff appreciates me as a patient – and they are looking out for my best dental health!

Dana Starkovich

For 25 years now I’ve been advised to have gum grafts on three of my teeth due to major receding gum tissue. My lower front tooth and my canines were in serious need of attention. My lower front tooth had receded so far down that the root had little to no gum support in front.
For years, I’ve been unable to find the time to have the grafting surgery plus the considerable amount of healing time after the surgery on one tooth let alone three surgeries on these three teeth… until my dental hygienist suggested Alloderm gum grafting with Dr. Pam Dassenko.
After having this procedure, I’m a believer in this method of receiving new and healthy gums. Now I can bite into an apple and corn on the cob without fear of losing my front tooth. My smile is normal and I so appreciate the process of Alloderm grafting. I had no hesitation of using donor tissue mixed with a small amount of my blood. This process diminished the possibility of my body rejecting the newly introduced tissue.

The surgery time for all three teeth was not much longer than a couple of hours. The before-surgery instructions and information provided by Dr. Pam and the dental staff were complete and thorough. The before, during and after-surgery care was professional and appreciated, including the evening phone call from Dr. Pam herself.

How lucky I am to have had such a successful outcome with little to no discomfort and no inconvenience. I’m sold! If it were recommended to me to have additional gum grafting, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment. Thank you all at Dr. Dassenko’s office for taking such good care of me!

Meg S.

I have extreme anxiety about going to a dentist and put off going to a dentist for quite some time. I listened to Dave Congalton/KVEC 920 AM share his anxiety about going to the dentist with his listeners and about his positive experiences with Dr. Pam Dassenko’s office. It took me over a year to make the appt for an initial exam but I’m so glad that I did.
Dr. Dassenko, her staff along with Dr. Ramirez have been wonderful. Dr. Dassenko is compassionate and handled my concerns beautifully and I am actually relaxed when I go in for my dental visits.

Her staff is warm, friendly and professional. Their followup is impeccable and utilize today’s technology to remind you of upcoming appointments.
The office is a full service office providing cleaning, full exams, crowns, root canals and implants. Being able to stay in the office, where I feel comfortable for procedures is so important and is something I appreciate as a person with dental anxiety.

Marcia Guthrie

For quite some time, I have become self-conscious of smiling and not liking the way my teeth looked. I have always been afraid of the Dentist, but between the staff, Dr. Dassenko, and the atmosphere in the office, it was very comfortable.

I am very pleased with my new appearance and I seem to be smiling a lot more! The whole experience – from start to finish – was such a positive endeavor and Dr. Dassenko and Staff went out of their way to be gentle and positive. Dr. Dassenko is extremely kind, caring and a perfectionist! I would recommend her services without hesitation!



I came to Dr. Dassenko because I wanted a whiter, more youthful smile. After a detailed consultation with Dr. Pam I decided that Porcelain Veneers would give me the outcome that I was seeking.

Working with Dr. Pam was a positive, personal experience. She has a caring and professional staff who took the time to address all of my needs and concerns wholly. Dr. Pam worked with the latest state-of-the-art technology, ensuring my comfort at every step of the procedure. She not only has the technical expertise to craft the perfect smile, she has a true artist’s eye. I have received many compliments on my “beautiful smile” thanks to Pam Dassenko’s superb work.


Dearest Pam and Staff:

Words cannot adequately express my appreciation for the very supportive, indeed nurturing ambiance created in your office. When I saw my mother in your office for her last visit, it was immediately obvious that she was quite happy and enjoying herself. From what she said, it became clear that she felt more than merely comfortable there, she felt well liked. What an extraordinary gift for someone who is suffering from depression and considerable self-consciousness due to her severe hearing deficits. As my Mother has struggled with acceptance of her impending move to an assisted living facility, reminding her of that day in your office has been exceedingly helpful in assuaging some of her anxiety. For her, that day exemplifies how very much she can enjoy being with others. I do not believe it to be an exaggeration to say that my reminding her of that day was critical in helping her to overcome her ambivalence and to move forward with a positive attitude.

Thank you one and all so very much


I knew I needed a new dentist after we moved to the Central Coast back in 2007. I responded to Pam’s attractive mail invitation. After I saw her, Dr. Dassenko proceeded to put me on a sensible treatment plan. First she referred me to a competent specialist and when I was healed the implant procedure began. I am very happy with the results thus far and would highly recommend anyone who has special dental needs (complicated tooth or gum situations) to go see Pam Dassenko and her friendly competent staff.

Joyce D.

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