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Full Mouth Restoration: Transforming Smiles

Welcome to our esteemed San Luis Obispo dental practice! If you’re seeking to rejuvenate your smile, regain optimal oral function, and enhance your overall quality of life, you’ve come to the right place.

Led by our highly skilled and compassionate San Luis Obispo dentist, Dr. E. Carrie Ramirez, our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional dental care that combines expertise, innovation, and a patient-centric approach. Whether you’re looking to revitalize your smile’s appearance or address complex oral health issues, our comprehensive full-mouth restoration services are designed to meet your unique needs.

What is Full Mouth Restoration?

Full mouth restoration, also known as full-mouth rehabilitation or full-mouth reconstruction, is a comprehensive dental approach aimed at restoring the overall health, functionality, and aesthetics of a patient’s entire mouth. It encompasses a tailored combination of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments to address a wide range of dental concerns and conditions.

This transformative approach often tackles issues such as worn-down or damaged teeth, missing teeth, gum disease, bite irregularities, and jaw misalignment. Unlike smile design, the ultimate objective of full mouth reconstruction is to enhance oral health, elevate smile aesthetics, and reinstate the patient’s ability to comfortably bite, chew, and speak.

Treatments Involved in Full Mouth Restoration

Full mouth restoration incorporates a spectrum of dental treatments to comprehensively address various oral concerns. Some of the common treatments included are:

Dental Cleaning

Dental cleaning is an essential foundation of full mouth reconstruction. It prepares the oral environment for more extensive procedures by meticulously removing plaque, tartar, and surface stains from the teeth. Furthermore, dental cleaning plays a vital role in preventive care, ensuring the mouth is in optimal condition before embarking on a comprehensive full mouth reconstruction plan.

Preventative and Therapeutic Gum Care

Preventative and therapeutic gum care focuses on preventing and treating cases of gum disease. This phase involves testing with Oral DNA® Laboratories to determine what kind of antibiotics to use, as well as scaling and root planing with micro-ultrasonic technology to remove plaque and tartar buildup below the gum line more effectively than traditional methods.


Orthodontics is a vital component of full mouth reconstruction, addressing misalignments and bite problems. It corrects misaligned teeth, improves bite function, and enhances the overall aesthetics of the smile. The treatment is personalized to the patient’s needs and contributes to creating a stable foundation for restorative and cosmetic dental work. Orthodontic treatment duration varies but is essential for a harmonious and functional outcome in full mouth reconstruction.

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that exposes more of the tooth’s surface by reshaping the gum and bone tissue. It’s commonly performed to improve a tooth’s accessibility for restorative procedures or enhance the aesthetics of a “gummy” smile.

Repositioning of the Jaw

Jaw repositioning, also known as orthognathic surgery, corrects misalignment issues within the jaw. This surgical procedure enhances bite function, alleviates jaw discomfort, and contributes to facial harmony.

Soft Tissue Grafting/Gum Grafting

Soft tissue grafting aims to cover exposed tooth roots and replace gum tissue where it’s missing. These grafts create a stable foundation for dental implants, enhance aesthetics, and promote overall oral health.

Natural Teeth Shaping and Reduction

Natural teeth shaping, or enameloplasty, involves the precise reshaping and resizing of teeth to improve their appearance, address minor alignment issues, and create a harmonious smile.

Placement of Crowns, Veneers, or Bridges

The placement of crowns and bridges or veneers is a crucial component of full mouth reconstruction, as it restores both the appearance and functionality of teeth. Crowns protect damaged teeth, veneers enhance aesthetics, and bridges replace missing teeth.

Placement of Dental Implants

Dental implants serve as artificial tooth roots, surgically placed to support crowns, bridges, or dentures. They offer a durable and natural-looking solution for tooth replacement.

Benefits of Full Mouth Restoration

The benefits of full mouth reconstruction are multifaceted and can be life-changing, particularly for patients with complex dental issues. Some of the many advantages include:

  • Enhanced Oral Health: Full mouth reconstruction goes beyond cosmetic enhancements — it restores the health of your teeth and gums, reducing the risk of further dental issues.
  • Improved Aesthetics: Full mouth reconstruction can help you achieve the beautiful, natural-looking smile you’ve always desired with a customized treatment plan.
  • Restored Functionality: Full mouth rehabilitation can correct bite problems, making it easier to eat and speak comfortably.
  • Boosted Self-Confidence: Full mouth rehabilitation results in a healthy, attractive smile, significantly enhancing your self-esteem and overall quality of life.

Who Qualifies for Full Mouth Restoration?

Full mouth rehabilitation is typically recommended for those with extensive dental issues seeking comprehensive treatment for multiple oral health concerns. Qualifying candidates often include:

  • Individuals with severe dental problems, such as missing teeth, damaged teeth, gum disease, bite problems, or jaw misalignment.
  • Those looking for a comprehensive solution to restore both the function and aesthetics of their entire mouth.
  • Patients committed to maintaining their oral health and following the prescribed treatment plan for long-term success.
  • People in good overall health, as they can better tolerate the necessary dental procedures.
  • Those with realistic expectations about the outcomes of full mouth rehabilitation, and understand that it’s a process that may require time and multiple treatments.

Ultimately, Dr. Ramirez and her team will assess your eligibility for full mouth rehabilitation through a thorough evaluation. This comprehensive assessment helps determine if this transformative dental approach is the right solution for your specific oral health needs and goals.

The Full Mouth Restoration Process

Initial Consultation

The full mouth restoration process commences with a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health, including an assessment of your teeth, gums, bite, and jaw. Dr. Ramirez and our team prioritize your concerns, goals, and expectations, ensuring that we design a treatment plan aligned with your desires.

In this pivotal phase of full mouth rehabilitation, we employ advanced diagnostic tools to identify any dental issues, such as cavities, gum disease, or misaligned teeth. We also consider your medical history and any specific challenges you may face. This information guides us in developing a comprehensive dental treatment plan.

Personalized Treatment

Once the treatment plan is established, Dr. Ramirez utilizes state-of-the-art techniques and technologies to perform the necessary procedures. Each step in your personalized full mouth restoration is designed to restore your oral health and create a stunning, functional smile.

Ongoing Care

We believe in long-term success and provide aftercare instructions for maintaining your new smile. Regular check-ups and preventive care are essential to ensure the durability of your full mouth restoration results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does full mouth restoration take?
Does full mouth restoration hurt?
Are there age restrictions for full mouth restoration?
Will insurance cover the cost of full-mouth restoration?
How long does full mouth restoration take?

The average duration of full mouth restoration is approximately 12 months. However, the specific timeline varies based on individual needs and treatment complexity. During your consultation, your dentist will provide a personalized timeline for your full mouth restoration, outlining the expected duration of your treatment plan.

Does full mouth restoration hurt?

Your comfort is a top priority throughout the full mouth restoration process. While there may be some discomfort during the recovery period, your dentist will take measures to minimize any pain or discomfort, ensuring a pleasant experience.

Are there age restrictions for full mouth restoration?

Full mouth restoration is suitable for individuals of various age groups, provided they have dental concerns warranting comprehensive treatment. Your dental professionals will assess your specific needs and customize a plan that aligns with your age and overall health.

Will insurance cover the cost of full-mouth restoration?

The extent of insurance coverage for full mouth restoration can vary depending on your specific dental insurance plan and the procedures involved. It’s essential to consult with your insurance provider and your dentist’s office to understand the coverage and potential out-of-pocket expenses.

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