Preventative and
Therapeutic Gum Care in San Luis Obispo, CA

Preventative and Therapeutic Gum Care helps our patients to keep their gums, and in turn, their teeth in the healthiest possible condition. Our doctors and hygiene staff are specially trained to diagnose and treat gum infections. Diagnosing and treating as early as possible helps to avoid bone loss and tooth loss that can result from untreated periodontal disease (gum infections.)

Treatment of Periodontal disease often includes recurrent treatment of problem areas with special instruments that provide micro-ultrasonic technology to remove toxins and bacteria from the gums. Repetitive therapy is quite important and allows us to give you the most benefit from treatment. Gum care also includes individualized co-therapy regimens for you to use at home which your hygienist will review with you at each appointment. Once the gums are in a stable condition, a recall time interval will be determined so we can provide on-going care to maintain stability and optimal oral health.

Our office is also proud to partner with “Oral DNA Laboratories.” We can now provide our patients with an in-depth look at just which bacteria inhabits their mouth, by testing for the DNA of the 13 specific harmful bacteria that can reside in your mouth. A 30 second “swish and spit” test is administered in the office and the specimen is sent to the laboratory. The results are available within weeks and will tell us exactly which bacteria are invading your tissue and causing your gums harm. When determined necessary, antibiotics will be given based on the specific bacteria in your mouth, these are taken in conjunction with periodontal treatment to achieve the optimal tissue health for our patients.

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