Crowns & Bridges in San Luis Obispo, CA

Crowns restore teeth that have been weakened in some way. One way teeth can be weakened is with large fillings that have caused the teeth to crack. Teeth can also lose stability if decay is present and too much of the tooth has been compromised. Crowns are usually necessary after having a root canal or endodontic therapy performed. The crown will be the finishing touch to seal off that tooth and prevent breakdown. Crowns are a strong permanent restoration that will function in the mouth for a long time.

The traditional method of making crowns is to prepare the tooth for the restoration and place a “temporary” crown. In the meantime, the permanent is made at the laboratory. When the lab finishes, the dentist removes the temporary and bonds the new permanent crown to the already prepared tooth.

We are pleased to announce however, that we now offer “Cerec” crowns, or in-office crowns. When you arrive for your new crown, you will leave on the same day with your permanent restoration! The dentist will prepare the tooth and bond the permanent crown on all in one visit. Your dentist takes a digital impression of your tooth and from that instructs our milling machine to create the perfect restoration for you. The doctor in turn has much more control over the fit, durability and aesthetics of the final product. There is no temporary crown involved, and no waiting period! We have been able to save our patients from weeks of wearing temporary crowns, save them the time of the return visit, and also provide a better permanent restoration.

Bridges are a way of using crowns to restore a missing tooth. A crown is placed over the teeth on either side of the missing tooth’s gap to provide “anchors” for the tooth that will fill that gap. A tooth is manufactured to fill the space, and is connected to the “anchor” crowns permanently. Our office uses precious metal alloys with porcelain fused to them to create our bridges. We also have strong enough porcelain to make bridges in the front of the mouth which are very natural looking.

Please see our smile gallery for examples of Crown and Bridge cases that cases that were completed in our office.

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